Delivery and Refunds

Delivery & Refunds


When you place an order, we endeavour to grant you instant access to the service you have purchased providing you are able to receive and respond to emails from our site; on rare occasions when the site is extremely busy, your subscription purchases may take up to 15 minutes to enable; however, we are unable to offer any guarantee regarding the amount of time it will take for a specific service to be configured and made available to you. Should you not have received notification of your new subscription in this time, please check that you have received notification from WorldPay or PayPal that you subscription has been paid for. If you have a receipt from the Payment Service Providers, then please contact us during normal UK working hours at the Contact Us numbers and we will make every effort to resolve the problem as fast as possible.


We believe that the service we are offering is a real asset for everyone involved in the Forever Network. We are re-investing in the site to continue to maintain and improve the services it offers and we hope very much that the question of refunds will never cross your mind. However, in case it does, we have a Plain English Statement below which we hope makes the policy very clear. Please do not hesitate to write to us or call ( details from the contacts page) if there is anything we can do to clarify matters for you.

Monthly subscriptions
Monthly subscriptions require no less than one month notice of your intention to terminate the subscription service. There are therefore no refunds available once the Contract is fully in place after the inital 7 Working Day cooling off period. To avoid any doubt, No Administration Fee is charged on cancellation of the Monthly Subscription and no pro-rata refund is applicable.

Earlier Subscriptions
Should you have one of the earlier subscription types, the cancellation policies have not changed since you entered into your contract. The following conditions apply:

  • Annual Subscriptions - requests for refunds will only be processed during the first 90 days of the service.
  • Quarterly Subscriptions - requests for refunds will only be processed during the first 28 days of the service.
  • Our Setup Charges constitute 35% of your subscription fee and are not normally refundable - e.g. for a £44 subscription we charge £15.40 for setup costs.
  • Refunds are subject to a 40% Refund Administration Fee - e.g. for a £44 subscription we charge £17.60 for refund administration costs.
  • Refunds are calculated on a pro-rata basis less the Setup Charge and Administration Fee.

Of course your Statutory Rights are in no way affected by our policies and you have the right to cancel all access to the site within 7 days of entering your agreement with us. Simply use the Contact Us on the home page to write to us within this period and your payment will be refunded.

If you are thinking of Upgrading your Annual or Quarterly subscription to a Monthly subscription the remaining balance on your existing Monthly or Annual subscription will be calculated pro-rata and applied to your Forever Knowledge account. This credit balance will be offset against your second and subsequent monthly payments until the balance becomes zero. For a worked example, please refer to the information pages in the Toolkit Pod.


Our items for sale are all online or virtual and subscription based services so a shipping policy is not relevant.

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