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DX4 Body Balancing System

We are delighted to announce that the brand new DX4 body balancing system is now available.  Launched at Global Rally 2022, DX4 is the latest in Forever’s line-up of health and wellness products. The four-day programme helps you reassess your physical, mental and spiritual health through nutritional support, mindset practices, and guided food intake.  
A four-day programme to help you balance and reset your body

·         Reset, renew, rejuvenate
·         7 nutritional products
·         Mindset exercises 
·         Guided food intake 
·         Clean recipes 
Jumpstart your wellness journey with Forever’s DX4. This four-day system helps you reset your body and mind with guided food intake and six innovative new products only available in DX4. These products, alongside our classic Forever Aloe Vera Gel give you the supplemented support you need whilst restricting your calorie intake and achieving your lifestyle goals.  

Retail: £144.59, €173.44
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